Add a cloud, without changing anything you have now, for only $14.95 a user a month!   

Dedicated Cloud
Your own hosted, pre-integrated Intranet.


Secure Intranet

  • All the capability of real IT in the cloud, with 12 servers, a secure network, storage, shared network folder, user directory, desktops, and full power desktop applications.
  • Your Superuser desktop has a special Cloud Manager app where they can connect to any domain name and email server, add applications, and configure other settings with just one-click.
  • Your Superuser can also create completely configured virtual desktops for new users, and archive and if desired later restore entire desktops, with just one click.

Virtual Desktops

  • Experience the full power of the world’s best open source desktop, magically available in real-time over the Internet.
  • Work on your virtual desktop from any kind of computer – Linux, Mac, or Windows – with tablets and smartphones coming soon.
  • End endless syncing of apps and files with at least one secure, virtually indestructible computer you can use from anywhere.

With the best open source office and OCR software.

Office Suite

  • Full desktop power applications, Microsoft compatible, the open source standard office suite getting better and better since 1996.
  • Full featured apps for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing, databases, and formulas.
  • Integration with the document management software for convenient one-click open and edit of documents.

Optical Character Recognition

  • Powerful optical character recognition of almost any image.
  • If you can take a picture of it, Tesseract-OCR can probably convert it to text.

The long-time standard, powerful, open source graphics apps.

Bitmap Graphics

  • A professional-level toolset for graphics creation, photo retouching, image rendering, and related tasks.
  • Brush, airbrush, clone, sub-pixel sampling for anti-aliasing, extremely powerful gradient editor and blend tools, etc.
  • Alpha channel support, layers and channels, transformation tools, bezier and polygonal selection, masks, etc.

Desktop Publishing

  • Professional layout and design for a one-page brochure or press-ready publication quality output.
  • Advanced typesetting, color separations, CMYK and spot colors, ICC color management, versatile PDF creation, and more.
  • Wide range of vector import filters including Adobe Illustrator EPS and PDF, CVG, PICT, SHAPE, SML, WMF, and Xfig.

Vector Graphics

  • Great for highly scalable graphics that need to look good both small and large, such as logos and illustrations.
  • Includes scaling, skewing, Z-order operations, layers, alpha transparency, color picker, gradient editor, pattern fills, etc.
  • Path simplification, convert to path, path insetting and outsetting, node editing, boolean operations, bitmap tracing, and more.

Enterprise email, secure browsing and messaging, file syncing.

Email & Calendar

  • An enterprise quality desktop application, with easy to use email, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks.
  • Automatically configured for each user, including updating if the Superuser selects an external email server.
  • All the extras like automatic add of contacts for new users, contact lists, calendar sharing, and powerful email filtering.


  • The original open source web browser, with cloud network speed no matter how fast your local connection.
  • Secure browsing within your virtual desktop, with encrypted communications no matter your local computer or network.
  • Google Chrome and other browsing options will be added in a not too distant release.


  • Secure, encrypted instant messaging within your team, no matter where they are.
  • Easily connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and other third-party IM networks all from one place.

File Synchronization

  • Standard FOSS folder and file sync application.
  • Secure, encrypted synchronization of and files you need across computers.

Project effort, resource, schedule management.

Gantt Scheduling

  • Plan, track, and manage your project deliverables, dependencies, resource requirements, timelines, and costs.
  • Produce Gantt schedules, network diagrams, and work breakdown structures, and model the project critical path.
  • Numerical and graphical display of resource allocations, PDF export, Microsoft Project compatible, and more.

Explore, document, and manage information visually.

Mind Mapping

  • With a simple point-and-click tool, visually map the evolution of ideas and their characteristics and interconnections.
  • Brainstorm, and conduct option exploration and analysis, with a structured and self-documenting approach.
  • Support project planning, horizontal work breakdown structures, Ishikawa analysis, and other networked processes.

Visual Information Management

  • Extraordinarily powerful visual digital information organization, management, and presentation software.
  • Many types of flowcharts, interactive zoom, collapse and expand, detail and context, one-click precedence diagramming, etc.
  • Map merge with automated color coding, connectivity analysis, and organization of OWL, RDF-S, RSS, and XML information.

Multi-User Applications!

Then add the world’s best multi-user applications with one click
Pricing is per user per month, and all users get all apps.

The best open source apps to help your team work better together.

(vTiger)  $0.95

Customer Relationship Management

  • A full-featured contact management application for small and medium size organizations.
  • Automated support for management of customers, suppliers, sales, service, support, and marketing.
  • Great templating, reporting, analytics, customization options, and dashboard for easy management.

(Nuxeo)  $0.95

Document Management

  • Team document sharing, with access control, versioning, tagging, search, workflow, automated notifications, etc.
  • Shared document development and management, versioning, archiving so nothing is lost, and re-use.
  • Simple enough for small teams, and scalable enough for the BBC and the French Atomic Energy Commission.

(Trac)  $0.45

Issue Tracking

  • Simple, configurable issue management for almost anything you wish to track, assign ownership, and keep a record of updates.
  • Help prioritize energy on the most important issues, as they change over time, while making sure nothing gets lost.
  • Automatic notifications to those required as there are updates and the item moves to resolution.

(GNU Mailman)  $0.45

Mailing Lists

  • Create and manage mailing lists for all hands updates, individual departments, specific projects, or anything else desired.
  • A simple interface to control all the settings – list name, one way or two way communications, digests, etc.
  • Optional archiving to save the list email so members can browse all the previous postings.

(MediaWiki)  $0.45


  • Your team’s most easy-to-use collaboration tool, a secure Wiki dedicated to your cloud.
  • Easily create pages to share and collaborate on policies, processes, projects, meetings, and other information.
  • Set automatic notifications when pages you are particularly interested in are updated.

Standard open source app to help manage project teams.

(Redmine)  $0.95

Project Management

  • Convenient team-wide support for project management documentation and processes.
  • Define any number of projects and subprojects, each with their own Wiki, issues, files, forums, and time tracking.
  • Easily configure roles, issues, status, create new fields, and customize workflows by type and role.

Manage personnel information and resource booking.

(OrangeHRM)  $0.45

Human Resources Management

  • Recording and management of a personnel related information including qualifications, leave time, and position info.
  • Support for the recruitment process from requirements to management of potential candidates and position selection.

Resources Management

  • Book and manage reservations for one or more resources with an easy click and drag interface.
  • Includes flexible layouts, powerful reporting, reminder notificaitons, and easy to use data export tools.
  • Enables you to establish groups, roles, and permissions, set limits on usage, and review and approve requests.

Proven, stable, easy to use accounting and timesheet software.

(SQL-Ledger)  $0.45


  • The long-time open source standard, professional accounting app for small and medium size organizations.
  • Includes full double-entry accounting, general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, invoicing, and all related functions.
  • Available with charts of accounts for many countries, and configurable for controlled multiuser access if desired.

(TimesheetNG)  $0.45


  • Easily specify clients, projects, tasks, personnel, and rates, and control who can charge time to what.
  • Convenient interface for entry of time, with a stopwatch for one-click real-time recording down to the minute if desired.
  • Simple weekly and monthly time and cost reports for clients, projects, and personnel, with one-click spreadsheet export.

Specialized Applications!

Add specialized applications for specific segments.  Please let us know if you want any other open source!


The standard open source Learning Management System.

(Moodle)  $0.95

Learning Management System

  • Easy to use platform for instructor led, self-paced, and blended learning, for public and private courses, scalable to thousands.
  • Multimedia management, self marking quizzes, Wikis, forums, comments, messaging, advanced grading, and more.
  • Import and export IMS-LTI and SCORM content, integrate external content, manage assignments and markers, etc.


Enterprise Resource Planning for all parts of your business.

(OpenERP)  $14.50

Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Integrated management of accounting, customers and suppliers, purchasing and sales, manufacturing, inventory, and workflow.
  • Dashboard reporting for opportunities, contacts, revenues, win ratio, and more in graph, calendar, Gantt, and diagram formats.
  • Modular to be easy to use, so you can use functions most useful to you now, and add others as needed.

Secure, open, affordable solutions that can grow with you.

(Oscar)  $24.50

Electronic Medical Records

  • Electronic charting, roster management, scheduling, provider groups, prescription interaction, simplified and third party billing.
  • Cumulative Patient Profile (CPP) of key demographics, medical problems, medications, allergies, and family history.
  • Chronic disease management with monitoring and alerting of preventative screening and best practice interventions.

The standard open source apps for associations and churches.

(CiviCRM)  $0.95

Association Management

  • The standard open source Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) suite for associations and nonprofits.
  • Manage all your interactions and relationships with your members and other parties with one profile.
  • Supports automated communications, fundraising, event management, advocacy campaigns, and more.

(ChurchInfo)  $0.45

Church Management

  • Standard open source suite for church management, linked with Google maps for congregation mapping.
  • Management of individuals, families, volunteers, groups, with automated communications by email and letter.
  • Canvassing and pledge management, payment support, automated reminders, automated annual tax letters.

Add Software

If you would like an open source application we don’t currently include in one of our standard packages, please ask.

Some of the new features we are developing include updated versions of the desktop, more multiuser and special apps, and more integration like automatic syncing of resource management calendars with cloud calendars. Please let us know what you want!


Each cloud starts with 12 GB of storage space for each user.  Your storage space is a pooled resource for your whole cloud, so for example a team of ten has 120 GB total space that can be used in any way you wish.

That’s plenty of space for most teams, however should you need it additional space is available for those with high storage requirements at $0.15 a GB per month.


There is a help Wiki available within the desktops with all the information you need on managing your cloud, users, and applications, plus links to a additional online resources.

We also provide personalized help through cost-effective support packages, and since you can use any computer and any network, can probably support all your IT needs at a fraction of the cost of any other option.

Try Cirrus Open

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