• Physical protections against theft, fire, flood, and power problems.
  • Separate, dedicated servers, networks, applications, and databases for each customer.
  • Encrypted desktops keep cloud information separate from local devices.
  • Two-factor authentication sends separate PIN for nearly unbreakable login security.
  • Secure daily backups off-site, live backup available on request.
  • Exceeds Government of Canada security standards for protected medical information.


Cloud data center A photon of light can circle the earth more than 7 times a second, and the Internet is almost that fast now too.  So why are you still accessing your software through a web browser? 

Each user gets the most productive user interface known to software, a full computer desktop with folders, files, drag-and-drop and all, available from almost any device on the Internet.  There are simply no longer any limits on the length of the monitor cord.

And it frees the solution behind it: for the first time in the cloud, you get a dedicated, full IT solution, with 12 servers, beautifully integrated system software, databases, full-power apps, a desktop for every user, secure single-sign-on, all the fixings, all inside your own secure network, and all dedicated software just for you.

You no longer have to fracture productivity and security with a bunch of web apps, sharing huge blocks of software, hosted who knows where, with critical data still sitting on local devices all over the place. Now you can keep all the advantages of the best in premium IT, including the desktop, and get all the benefits of the cloud too.


  • No need for any local IT, other than a network connection.
  • Use old computers, buy new ones less often, keep them longer.
  • Access your desktop from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone.
  • Single-sign-on provides automatic login to all desktop applications.
  • No lost data when a device is lost, stolen, or breaks.
  • 100% business continuity at all times, without dependence on physical location.

Add a virtual organization without changing anything you’re using now

Simply point EnterpriseLibre at your domain name, and gain cloud capability without changing a thing you are using now. Or setup a brand new organization in minutes. Try a virtual enterprise and free yourself and your team.