Cirrus Computing was established in 2008 by a group of software engineers in Ottawa with a mission to build an open source software enterprise solution with much greater capability than possible with proprietary software, and make it available to everyone everywhere.

Architect – William Stewart

Before founding Cirrus Computing, Bill worked for the Canadian branch of a large aerospace company, where he learned the best in system integration processes, and how difficult and expensive it was with proprietary software.  Before that, he earned a Ph.D. in C.S. from UNB for algorithms that build multi-dimensional geodesic domes in optimal space and time (licensed under the GPL), and taught computer science courses.  His first job was in 1982 with the Canadian Public Service, where he established a computing center and developed enterprise support applications on a DEC PDP-11.  Bill wrote the first web published book, and maintains The Fun Standard and the Wiki

Integration Lead – Nimesh Jethwa

Nimesh graduated from Carleton University in Telecommunications Engineering in 2012, where he worked on projects like dynamic movement of virtual servers between subnets while maintaining existing network connections, which required him to create a prototype of the TCP session which would allow seamless migration transparent to the client.  Joined in the second quarter of 2012, he contributes to the Cirrus solution in areas ranging from automation performance enhancement to customization of open source software applications to e-commerce integration with PayPal to development of the Cloud Manager.  Previously, he worked as a trader for Royal Index LLC Dubai, buying and selling currencies in the foreign exchange market.

Founding Software Team

The following folks built EnterpriseLibre.

Lukas Kamps

A whiz with databases to mobile apps, Lukas provided the most important resources for many of the team’s early meetings – a kitchen table and wireless connection.  He helped build the email system, and led the build of the first Cloud Manager user interface.  He is probably happiest on a golf course.

Sergei Konov

A master juggler of Java and related technologies, Sergei helped implement our very first working secure cloud desktop login functionality, linking the website authentication to an easy to use pre-configured virtual desktop start link.  He can usually be found on a bike, regardless of the season.

Richard Leir

Rick is a full player, software breadth and depth, and led much of our cloud scalability development, including stress testing clouds across servers until the software just wouldn’t break any more.  If there is a software issue or challenge Rick cannot solve, that is probably because it’s NP complete.

Karoly Molnar

Karoly led our software team through it’s first years, including the design and build of our virtualization infrastructure, secure integration of the virtual desktop, automation of one-click desktop creation, and several other key components.  He has a life-long interest in learning and personal coaching.

Greg Wolgemuth

Greg has programmed since before he was born, and joined Cirrus Computing before he graduated from university.  He led our cloud architecture design, build, and automation, the single-sign-on functionality, and helped in one way or another in integration of almost every element of the solution.