Open Source Software

Your EnterpriseLibre cloud is built from the world’s best open source software – servers, email, virtual desktops, and applications.  Most are long-time standards, used world-wide, hardened and improved for more than a decade.  They will be supported long after today’s proprietary software is no longer available, and tomorrow’s fad has come and gone.  When you use open source software, you also get long-term software peace of mind.

Proprietary software always locks you into closed formats and licenses, leaving you forever vulnerable to any changes the company wishes to make.  However, your risk is doubled in the cloud.  If you ever lose access to your software, even if you can get your data, it is usually far too expensive and time-consuming to buy and set up the same software locally.  With EnterpriseLibre, you can download your software and data any time, and set up the solution locally, without fees or user limits, whenever you wish.  For the first time – get all the advantages of the cloud, without the lock-in!

And, as a practical matter, only open source software can be integrated into a premium organization solution at enterprise scale – best-in-class, self-contained, secure, and so stable it never needs any maintenance.


  • No license costs or user limitations.
  • Transparent code – no viruses or backdoors.
  • Global use for long-term investment protection.
  • No lock-in, setup the same apps yourself at any time.
  • Better security and system standards compliance.
  • Open data formats for easy import and export.


Open source software includes a license with the following four key conditions: the software can be used for anything, improvements can be freely made, improvements can be freely distributed, and improvements must be distributed under the same license to keep the benefits flowing to all.

In other words, everyone freely receives the full value of the software, and contributes back any additional capability they create in turn, continually growing the value of the whole solution.  This is how the Linux operating system underlying EnterpriseLibre was estimated in 2008 to already contain more than $10B in value.

Open source software responds solely to its users, so is usually enhanced much more often.  And since it has no licensing locks, it never has usage restrictions.  Therefore, when you use EnterpriseLibre all you pay for is professional hosting, management, and innovation of the solution.  That means more value for you.


Your cloud is configured for small to medium-size organizations.  However, it can scale as large as your organization grows:

  • Your foundation operating system Ubuntu is the world’s third leading desktop.
  • LibreOffice is the world’s leading open source office suite, compatible with MS Office, supported by Google, RedHat, and many others.
  • Your email / calendar software is Evolution, a full-featured desktop app, more capable than Outlook, and easier to use.
  • Your customer relationship management (CRM) app vTiger is used by Nokia, NYSE Euronext, Postbank, and others.
  • Your document management app Nuxeo is used by the BBC, Electronic Arts, the French Atomic Energy Commission, etc.
  • Your secure Wiki runs MediaWiki, the same software that runs Wikipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia.

The complete list is on the Software page.


Cirrus Computing supports the open source software ecosystem wherever we can, and will contribute more to this global win-win-win over the years.

Of course, we contribute back all enhancements we make to any software.  In the future, we plan to contribute code and direct funding for specific features and functionality, as well as support for open source software foundations and organizations.

Please find related resources below:

  • We support the public Wiki containing information about open source history, organizations, licenses, sources, etc.
  • We maintain the LinkedIn group Open Source Cloud Computing for sharing of information about connections between the OS and technologies.
  • We contribute any enhancements and other changes we make to open source software, currently posted here.

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