Frequently Asked Questions

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Cloud Questions

How do I connect my cloud to my existing domain and email?

Your (free) Superuser desktop can connect your cloud to any domain name and email server with their Cloud Manager application, extending your organization into the cloud instantly without changing anything you use now.  If you wish, you can switch over to your cloud’s excellent internal email system later at any time.

Can we have more than one cloud at our domain, with different and/or overlapping users, however we wish?

Yes, you can connect as many of your clouds as you wish to your domain name, perhaps for different teams, projects, or purposes. 

All your clouds can use an external email server, or all use the email server of one “main cloud”.  Each cloud can have a different set of applications, and a different set of users.  And a user can belong to as many clouds as you wish.

Anyway you set up your clouds, your domain, users, and email are always kept synced.  Your enterprise cloud possibilities are now limited only by your imagination!

How do you decide what software types and version to officially support?

We put stability first for software in the baseline EnterpriseLibre release.  If your software is running fine, and you don’t want to change anything, you should be able to run your cloud as long as you wish without external intervention.

Through 2015, we will provide more one-click options for desktop and application versions, and more apps within categories like CRM, document management, ERP, and medical.  Please let us know if you wish any open source software for your cloud not currently officially supported.

Desktop Questions

How do I create, archive, and restore user desktops?

Your first (free) Superuser desktop can easily create, archive, and restore desktops with the Cloud Manager Users tab.  Each new user desktop is automatically created with email, applications, and single-sign-on working and ready-to-go, usually completing and available in less than ten minutes.

Where can I use my cloud desktop, and what kind of Internet connection do I need?

You can use your encrypted desktop on any computer anywhere in the world with a reasonable Internet connection.  The desktop communications are amazingly efficient, usually only 100 kbps down and 20 kbps up in typical operation, in other words a small fraction of any connection faster than an old 56 kbps modem.

Can I access my cloud desktop and local desktop at the same time?

Yes, your cloud desktop is just another window on your local machine, so it can be maximized and minimized as you wish.  Even when you run your cloud desktop full-screen you can always switch back to the local computer desktop at any time.

How can I transfer files between my cloud desktop and local computer?

You can either email yourself files, or use a shared folder service.  Your desktop has easy access to the cloud folder service.

How do I change my password?

You can easily change your password directly within your cloud desktop from Start / Favorites / Enterprise Manager. However, if you have forgotten your password, you can also request a reset link be sent to your notify address from the Cirrus website Support page.

How do I reboot my cloud desktop?

If you wish, you can reboot your entire desktop with Start / Logout, or clicking the X on the top right of your desktop and selecting Logout.  You can also reboot your desktop from the Cirrus website, from the Support page.

Can I disconnect from my cloud desktop and keep everything running?

Yes, you can disconnect your desktop and keep all your applications and documents running and ready, by selecting Start / Logout and then Disconnect, or clicking the X on the top right of your desktop and selecting Disconnect.  When you reconnect later, from any device anywhere, all your apps and documents will still be open and waiting for you where you left off.

How do I minimize a full screen cloud desktop?

If your cloud desktop is in full screen mode, which looks exactly like it is running on the local computer, you can minimize it at any time by pressing the keys altogether <ctrl><alt>m.

General Questions

How long does it take for my cloud to be setup?

Cirrus systems can now create a brand new cloud, each cryptographically unique and customized around a domain name, and send you the (free) Superuser desktop, in less than an hour.

Your Superuser can then use their Cloud Manager to create additional user desktops, automatically configured to match your domain, email, and software, usually in less than ten minutes each (you can stack them up).

(Note: During the present period of release of our full solution including the Cloud Manager, we are taking on customers one-by-one for individual trials, and will reply to all requests promptly.)

What is the minimum computer configuration?

EnterpriseLibre desktops are accessible from Windows, Mac, and Linux.  They work great on old computers, slow laptops, and netbooks.  Smartphone and tablet versions are coming soon.

What do I install on my local computer?

From the login page you can download the session file to your virtual desktop. You will then be redirected to either X2Go or NoMachine depending on your cloud, both of which are lightning-fast clients that communicate your desktop securely across the Internet.

How much storage can I use?

Each EnterpriseLibre cloud comes with free storage as specified on the Software page, with more available as needed for a small fee.

Do you support multiple languages?

Multi-language capability is built into the Ubuntu desktop and many of the FOSS applications, and we hope to provide offerings in other languages as soon as we can.  However currently we only provide formal user support for English and French.  Please contact us if you would like another language.

Since your desktop and applications are all open source software, if I wanted to could I run them all locally at my own site?

Yes, absolutely, your desktop and all of your applications are the best of open source software, developed by companies, organizations, and people around the world, and available to everyone at no cost, including any modifications we make.  And all the applications use open formats, so you can also download any of your information at any time.  The latest version of the entire EnterpriseLibre system can be found here.

How do I pay for my cloud?

Payments are made by secure online credit card subscription payment, with paper invoicing on request for larger organizations.

Is the Cirrus Computing cloud environmentally green?

Yes, Cirrus clouds save energy in several areas, as described in our Green IT paper.  You can also save money on your client computers, since almost anything will work, so instead of buying new computers you can use older, less powerful, less expensive machines for a much longer time.

Applications Questions

Can I work with the applications and documents offline?

Because EnterpriseLibre applications are the best of open source software, at no cost you can download, install, and work with almost all of the individual apps locally on almost any computer.

Are the Office applications compatible with Microsoft?

Yes, the global standard LibreOffice suite is supported by Canonical, RedHat, and Google, and is read and write compatible with Microsoft Office applications and formats.

Security Questions

How do I use two-factor authentication to provide extra login security?

Your (free) Superuser desktop Cloud Manager can change whether or not each user desktop has two-factor authentication activated. 

If it does, then for every login a random number is generated and sent to the Notify address you provided, email or email-to-text.  This number must be entered on an second login window to gain access to your desktop, thereby providing among the strongest authentication possible.

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